The Case Files of Dr. Moreau comes to Vancouver! 4/22/15.


Poster by Kate Palermini.

The Workshop presents a live radio adaptation of “The Case Files of Dr. Moreau” by William S. Gregory will be performed at 7 p.m. April 22 at the Kiggins Theatre. The event is free and open to the public. The performance is a collaboration between the Willamette Radio Workshop, Washington State University Vancouver’s Creative Media and Digital Culture program and the Kiggins Theatre,.

“The Case Files of Dr. Moreau” is Mr. Gregory’s adaptation of H.G. Wells’s “The Island of Dr. Moreau.” The novel focuses on a scientist’s attempts to convert animals into humans using vivisection, and its themes include pain and cruelty, moral responsibility, human identity and human interference with nature. Mr. Gregory’s radio adaptation examines these themes from the perspective of the “manimals”—the creatures of Moreau’s experiments as they suffer under the experiments of Moreau.

The show will be performed by the Willamette Radio Workshop, directed by Sam A. Mowry. John Barber, faculty member in WSU Vancouver’s Creative Media and Digital Culture program, teaches a course on Digital Storytelling and produces the performance as part of his Re-imagined Radio project.

Each of Barber’s Re-Imagined Radio productions begins with a live recreation of a historic radio drama complete with voice actors and Foley sound artists. Various digital and multimedia components are added to increase opportunities for audience engagement and to introduce student digital storytelling work from Barber’s classes. The result, says Barber, is a new way to think of sound as the primary element of good storytelling. Cindy McGean, WRW’s dramaturge taught a Writing for Audio class and Barber and McGean’s students have collaborated on multimedia explorations of the story as part of “Dr. Moreau’s Wunderkammer” an exhibition in the lobby of the Kiggins.

Doors for this performance open at 6 p.m. Concessions, beer and wine will be available for purchase. The Kiggins Theatre is located at 1011 Main Street, Vancouver, Wash.

The cast and Crew of the show are:

Actors, Amy Gray, Tim Mckinnie, Phil Rudolph, Scott Jamieson, Cindy McGean. Foley Artists David Ian and Dino de AElfweald. Sound Design/Ableton cues by Marc Rose. Drums curtesy of Martin John Gallagher. Projections by Joe Medina. Merchandising curtesy of Jamie Lawson. Live sound and recording by D. Neil Blake.

Our crew from WSUV focusing on Foley and Wallah,  Jaymes Coyden (Oryx), Eli Campbell Wallah Captain and John Barber.

Sam A. Mowry produced, directed and plays Moreau/Wolf.

Special thanks to William S. Gregory, Dene Grigar, Kate Palermini, Alyssa Korinke and all the students in the WSUV/CMDC program for their inventive work and continuing enthusiasm. Ollin Productions and Dry Smoke and Whispers.

The Hobbits Greatest Hits Saturday 1/10/15 @ 3pm NEW TIME.

HobbitCome join the Willamette Radio Workshop as we make another journey to Middle-earth with “The Hobbit’s Greatest Hits” our one-of-a-kind adaptation of the J.R.R. Tolkien classic suitable for all ages. We start at the begining and end at the end, but in between, the audience chooses what order we tell the story (by picking numbers from the proverbial hat). The show is broken into two parts at 3pm and 5pm. The performance is set for Saturday, January 11th, at the McMenamins Kennedy School (5736 N.E. 33rd Ave.Portland, OR 97211), part of the annual J.R.R. Tolkien Birthday Celebration.

The costume contest is always a highlight and this year will be no different. Bring your finest Middle Earth inspired creations and join in the fun. Come on your own or bring a crew of your favorite characters for back up. The contest will start at 4:30, sign up with Jamie and Joe at the swag table, prizes will be awarded, laughter and merriment usually ensues.

Hobbit-WebshotThe performance is absolutely free, but remember: when you come to Middle-earth, you too may be called into service! We need your voices for the battle of the Five Armys and elsewhere , don’t worry, it won’t be 2 and a half hours long.

Our cast and crew include , Troyce Crucchiola, David Ian, Dino de AElfweald, Cynthia J. McGean, Alyson Ayn Osborne, Phil Rudolph, Bill Barry, Phillip Bursch, Jamie Lawson, Joe Medina, Kobel Weaverli and Sam A. Mowry. Special thanks to Marty Gallagher and Marc Rose for their sonic enhancements.


Come grab a beer and some pizza and enjoy the unique experience of live radio and the timeless tale of The Hobbit.

“May the hair on your toes never fall out!”

Radio Christmas Carol on OPB 91.5 fm 12/24/15 9pm pt.

dialHello folks, we are very happy to announce that our recording of Willamette Radio Workshop’s Radio Christmas Carol will be broadcast on Oregon Public Broadcastings radio stations across all Oregon and Southwest Washington this Thursday evening the 24th (of all the good old days of the year, Christmas eve!) at 9pm on 91.5 fm. And streaming from:

For many years, members of the Willamette Radio Workshop have given special performances of “A Christmas Carol” for audiences around the Portland metro area who might not otherwise have had any holiday entertainment.  We took this tradition to the next level with a live performance, open to the public, to benefit the Food Bank. We are very excited to now be able to share it with the whole state. We also ask that if you have the resources, that you continue to support the food banks in your area, all year round.

This “live radio” performance of “A Christmas Carol,” was adapted by Cynthia J. McGean from the Charles Dickens story and the Campbell Playhouse version. The show was recorded at First Christian Church in Portland, Oregon in front of a live audience.  While admission was free, we asked for the donation of two cans of non-perishable food per person or an appropriate cfamily-around-radioash donation to the Food Bank.  Envelopes were  available for cash donations.

The cast for this performance included Tim McKennie, James Dineen, Greg Alexander, Alan King, Cynthia McGean, Renee Boutin King, Mary Thomas and Sam A. Mowry. Live music and carols  provided by The Holly Jolly Radio Choir, directed by Bennett Bailey and featuring over twenty singers!

Recorded and Mastered by D. Neil Blake.

Merry Christmas to you all and the happiest of New Years!

Radio Christmas Carol @ the Kiggins 12/18/14 7pm

DSC_0021Washington State University will be presenting the Willamette Radio Workshop’s performance, A Radio Christmas Carol as part of the Re-imagined Radio series at the Kiggins Theater (1011 Main St, Vancouver, WA 98660). Doors open at 6pm.

This is a FREE event with a donation of a non-perishable food item for donation to the Clark County Food Bank.

The Willamette Radio Workshop presents a “live radio style” performance of Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol, adapted by Cynthia McGean from the source and the Campbell Playhouse versions.  The classic Christmas story of Scrooge and Tiny Tim finds it?s natural home in the radio medium, the theater of the mind. A ghost story told to remind mankind of the perils of greed and isolation at a time of the year when our community needs more help than ever. This years cast includes Curtis Hanson, Cynthia McGean, Renee Boutin King, Chris Porter, James Dineen, Alyson Ayn Osborn and Sam A. Mowry. Live music and carols provided by The Holly Jolly Radio Singers under the direction of Bennett Bailey.  Plus in the tradition of the Golden Age of Radio, live Foley by David Ian and Dino de AElfweald.  The show is an hour in length and suitable for all ages.DSC_1270

The award winning Willamette Radio Workshop wants to help preserve the history of Radio Theatre and to this end our work includes re-creations or re-imaginings of Classic Radio programs like The Campbell Playhouses? Christmas Carol with Orson Welles and Lionel Barrymore. We also just love to put on a great show.

Please also join us after the performance for the opening of “Move. Touch. Feel.” at Nouspace Gallery & Media Lounge (right next door at the Niche Wine Bar) We’ll be hosting a reception for the opening, with an opportunity for a Q&A with the actors and Foley artists.  Plus a few carols by the Holly Jolly Singers.



First show 4:30!- American Gothic Halloween: Tales from the Heartland


Poster by SAM 2014

The award winning Willamette Radio Workshop presents a Halloween anthology, American Gothic: Halloween Tales from the Heartland. The show will consist of two performances at McMenamin’s Kennedy school at 4pm and 6pm, featuring classic radio tales and original works by northwest writers. The shows are FREE and you can buy food and drink right in the gymnasium at McMenamin’s Kennedy School.

The first hour (4:30 start) will feature terror and suspense on a lighter side, chills and laughs from David Ian’s “The Legend of Doc Hazzard the Ghoul Doctor”, Suzanne LaGrande’s  wedding themed “The Woman in the Window” and William S. Gregory’s “The Wind That Shakes the Corn” plus his new Halloween companion to the Night before Christmas: “The Halloween Ball”. And a few other secrets to be shared later.

Our second, more mature hour (6pm start) will feature the classic  Lights Out Everybody tale “The State Executioner” by Arch Obler an amazing experiment in audio drama that is the perfect fit for some serious Halloween chills. Plus local work from Cynthia J. McGean who takes a look at the story of what really happened to Mrs. O’Leary’s cow with “The Torment of Mrs. O’Leary” along with William S. Gregory’s The Reason Why” and “Delicious”  among other surprises.

Music for this production will feature the works of Tim Eriksen  and the Portland Sacred Harp Shapenote singers. Produced by Bennet Bailey.

Local luminary Screamvina graces our poster and will be on hand from 5:35 to 5:55 with the colorful Halloween hi- jinx that made her the Second Most Evil Woman in Portland (and one of our 2 favorite Foley artists to boot).

The Workshop is directed by Sam A. Mowry and features sound designs by Marc Rose and Live Foley by David Ian and Dino de AElfweald. Hauntingly fitting projections curtesy of Joe Medina of Afterhell Productions.

Original Music by Marc Rose

Special Thanks to Tim Eriksen for the use of his music during the show. More on him can be found here:

Bennett Baily and the singers of the Portland Sacred Harp

Daniel Hunter, Mary Brandis, Thom Fahrbach, Anna Stoerch and Anna Tighe

Fiddle Work by Chad Southwell

Live sound is handled by the Dynamic Duo of D. Neil Blake and Phil Bursch.

Poster credits: Garth Mortensen Photography. Kate Dineen and Dino de AElfweald stylists.

Our cast includes Chris Porter, Todd Tolces, Patricia Blem, Robin Woolman, Sara Rea among many others.

Special thanks to Bennet Bailey, Jessica Beer, Jon Straaslund and Cynthia McGean.

WRW has won numerous OGLE and Mark Time Awards as well as Communicator Awards and Awards from the National Audio Theater Festivals. Our actors and designers have won multiple Drammy awards on the local level for stage work.

We hope you can join us for our busiest and best time of the year.

War of the Worlds at the Kiggins – Live radio lives!

Poster by Amalia Vacca

Poster by Amalia Vacca

Thursday, October 30th @ 7:00pm

Kiggins Theater
1011 Main Street / Vancouver, WA 98660

6:00pm – Doors Open
Free parking after 6pm

Enjoy this vibrant entertainment medium and the opportunity to look back at the best Halloween prank ever pulled on the American Public.
If you haven’t seen live radio, you ain’t heard nothing yet.
Willamette Radio Workshop  on Facebook!-

Orson and Sam. Photo Kate Dineen




Cast and Crew

Chris Porter
Todd Tolces
James Dineen
Bruce Miles
Erik James
Sam A. Mowry

David Ian
Dino de AElfweald

Live Sound

Todd, James, Bruce and Sam. Photo Kate Dineen

Marc Rose
Neil Blake
Phillip Bursch

Joe Medina
Judy Straalsund

Our THANKS to:
John Barber
Dene Grigar
Dan Wyatt
Amalia Vacca
Alyssa Korinke

The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver as part of the Martians with Moustaches exhibition.

Jadea, David and Sam. Photo Kate Dineen.

Kiggins Theater
McMenamins Kennedy School
Tapestry Theatre
Judy Straalsund
James Dineen and Jason Driver of  Portland Media Works
Galen Huckins and Filmusik
Martin John Gallagher
Amy Zing Gray

Mighty Women Banquet and Silent Auction with WRW LIve show.


Photo: Jeanine Hemel- Portland Brewing Company

Photo: Jeanine Hemel- Portland Brewing Company



Mighty Women Logo

Our hosts for the evening

FOLLOW UP: The banquet and Silent Auction was a big success. Thanks to the Mighty Women for having us and putting together such a great event. We hope we get to come back again. We also loved the crowd and the feeling was reciprocal, we might even get another gig out of it. Sometimes good deeds do go unpunished. I’m posting a picture taken by Jeanine Hemel, tanks so much.


Thanks also to our fabulous cast: Cindy McGean, Mary Thomas, Max Moss, Phil Bursch and Sam A. Mowry.


And here is a link to the Shadow episode “The Bones of the Dragon” in honor of the Dragon spirit in everything, even OTR.



Happy national audio drama month 2014.

As you may know, Dragon Boating is big among the Willamette Radio Workshop crowd, so we were honored to be asked to provide a little entertainment for The Mighty Women Dragon Boat Team‘s Fall Banquet and Silent Auction. It’s a great event at the Portland Brewing Company, with sliders and beverages and live radio entertainment (which, if you’re reading this hear, is of some interest to you).

We will be performing our Dragon Boat enhanced version of the Classic Battling Bickerson’s with real life husband and wife (and padding partners) Sam A. Mowry and Cindy McGean (Mighty Woman). Then we take you on an Otherworldly adventure with Buck Rodgers! Sam and Cindy are joined by Mary Thomas (Mighty Woman) and  Max Moss as the heroic Buck Rodgers. Phil Bursch (Dragon boater and Flag catcher for the No Teacher’s Left Behind team) will be handling the live sound. We are really looking forward to this one.

The Mighty Women’s mission is to build strong community, fitness and fun through competitive dragon boat racing where the rewards of friendship, spirit of cooperation and respect for nature are encouraged by all. We are a community based tax-exempt 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. The club was formed in 2002 and enjoys competing all over the Northwest and Canada. We promote the paddling sports of dragon boating and Polynesian outrigger canoeing. While winning is important to the team, our focus remains firstly on family and community commitment.


Here’s the info on the Banquet:

Purchase your tickets online or through Mighty Women team members. 

When:  Saturday October 11.   Doors open at 5:30 PM and silent auction begins at 6:00 PM

Where: Portland Brewing Company, 2730 NW 31st Street, Portland, Oregon

Cost: $25 per person.  This includes a buffet of sliders, 2 drinks and entertainment.

Minors with a paid ticket are welcome to attend if accompanied by an adult.

The Silent Auction promises to be a great value as well. Here are this years goods and services you can bid on and support the Mighty Women at the same time.

Laura Huckfeldt of MODA Salon donated a cut and color.

Glendoveer Golf and Tennis donated a round of golf for 4.

Cards Against Humanity donated the main game, 5 expansion sets, the Bigger Blacker Box, among other booster packs.

Dave’s Killer Bread donated 2 loaves, 1 sin dawg, a t-shirt and a $20 gift card to their store.

Barnes and Noble donated a $25 gift card.

Beach Body donated a $50 gift card.

The Haunted Ghost Town donated VIP admission tickets.

Full Sail Brewing Company donated a $25 gift card.

Pedal Bike Tours of Portland, Oregon donated two bike tours of Portland.

A Steam Punk, Live Radio Around the World in 80 Days!

Around-the-World-Script-CovThe Willamette Radio Workshop is proud to partner with Washington State University Vancouver’s Creative Media and Digital Culture program (WSUV, CMDC) to present a one of a kind event at Vancouver’s historic Kiggins Theater, A Steam Punk version of Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Day’s, adapted by Cynthia J. McGean. Wednesday August 6th at 7pm (doors open at 6) WRW presents a new twist on a classic adventure story. The bet to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days still remains, but we have kicked it up a notch as they like to say. We have brought in Phileas Fogg’s own “Q” (Aida Lovelace, the Countess Lovelace, the only legitimate heir to Byron and the first computer programer. I’m serious, follow the link.) Dirigibles, submersibles, new stops along the way, romance, buffalo and elephants. That’s why they call this one of the greatest adventures of all time.

Plus, we will have live tweets that YOU the audience will vote to decide which route Phileas and Passepartout will take next. We will have projections, a photo booth in the lobby and a fine collection of beer and wine and Vancouver’s BEST popcorn. And the Around the City in 8 Days treasure hunt.

Following the show, the amazingly talented students at WSUV CMDC Chroniclesprogram will present “Chronicles: stories of the past, present & future”. Their work explores transmedial storytelling experiences using the Jules Verne original novel.  The student’s generated from Professor Brenda Grell’s course, Design and Composition, and Dr. John Barber’s course, Digital Storytelling.

WRW has assembled a wonderful cast and crew as always. The cast includes Suzan Zeitlin, John Monteverde, Phil Rudolph, Dino de AElfweald and David Ian.

The Foley crew has David Ian and Dino de AElfweald and a special guest or two.

Original Music by Bennet Bailey.

Sound Design by Marc Rose

Live Sound and Recording by D. Neal Blake and Phillip Bursch.

Projections by Joe Medina.

Special Technology by Jamie Lawson.

Speacial thanks to John Barber, Dene Grigar, Amalia Vacca, Dan Wyatt, the Kiggins Theater, Ollin Productions, Dry Smoke and Whispers and all the Chronicles students.

As usual the show is directed by Sam A. Mowry and he plays Phileas. Check this out, because it is like nothing you’ve seen or heard before.

2014 McMenamin’s UFO Festival is Here!

UFO-Festival-2014-WEBSHOTWell, it’s that time of year again. The parades, the floats, the little alien pets costume contest and of course the Willamette Radio Workshop takes to the stage at the Hotel Oregon in beautiful downtown McMinnville to create Live Radio magic for the masses. This year we have a great program for the 2014 UFO Festival, Nightfall by Isaac Asimov, H.G. Wells The Time Machine and a special surprise from Jerrel McQuen, Changing Times. Join us as we travel through time, are cast from a world of eternal light into a world of abject darkness and finally we make contact with the rest of the galaxy and true to form, it’s not what we think it is.

The show starts at 3pm (a new time for all our regulars) and runs a tad over an hour. The cast of audionauts  for this years festival includes: Bruce Miles, David Ian, Dino de AElfweald, and 2 new members of the Workshop Zoe Nelson and Gregory Wilson.UFO Pet

Sound Design and Music by Marc Rose, Live Foley by David Ian, Dino de AElfweald and Ms Lu and live sound from the irrepressible Phillip Bursch. It’s true, I keep trying but cannot repress him.

You can click on the poster above for a better look.

We will have our Merchandise Table helmed by the dynamic Duo of all things radio and shiny Jamie Lawson and Joe Medina. The purchase of our CD’s is a great way to support the mission of the Willamette Radio Workshop and our cohorts in radiodynamism, Dry Smoke and Whispers and Ollin Productions.

As usual, the whole thing is under what we laughingly refer to as “The supervision” of Sam A. Mowry. He and we remain obediently yours.