DRACULA for Halloween 4 Shows at 3 venues, 3 prices.

Willamette Radio Workshop presents: Dracula, A Live Radio Drama. 4 performances at 3 venues. The Kiggins Theater in Vancouver on Thursday October 27th at 7pm for $5, at the Venetian Theater in Hillsboro on Sunday October 30th at 7pm  for $10  and Halloween night at the Kennedy School Movie Theater at 4pm and 5:30pm. Free and open to all ages.

dracula-2016-mcm_webshot dracula-poster-2016-kiggins-webshotKIGGINS– 1011 Main St, Vancouver, WA 98660

VENETIAN– 253 E Main St, Hillsboro, OR 97123

KENNEDY SCHOOL  5736 NE 33rd Ave, Portland, OR 97211

WRW brings the ultimate story of the supernatural to the McMenamins Empire. First published in 1897, the novel Dracula by Irish author Bram Stoker has never been out of print. It has been reissued in over 300 editions, including dozens in foreign languages. The figure of Count Dracula has dominated twentieth-century culture, from movies to cereal boxes to radio.

This is the original radio adaptation by Orson Welles and John Houseman. It was the first broadcast of the Mercury Theater on the Air, the greatest of all radio companies and the inspiration for forming the Willamette Radio Workshop.

“Welles got the rights to it at the last minute — he was going to launch the season with ‘Treasure Island,’” Mowry says. “He and John Houseman sat in an all-night cafe cutting up seven copies of the book and gluing pages together to make the script. They argued around the clock for 36 hours, eating and drinking the whole time, then dropped off the pages at the typing pool and left Welles’ secretary to pay the bill.”

Bram Stoker, wrote the story in 1897 and made vampire a household word. Vampires continue to enthrall 100 years later, immortalized in movies and television.

dracula-2016-venitian_webshot“We accept the idea of vampires today, but when the story was written, nobody knew what they were. Here’s this great story: Basically, a real estate salesman goes to close a deal in Eastern Europe — and instead this evil is loosed on the world!”

Welles’ script runs 55 minutes and the adaptation rushes along, with foley sound effects creating the atmosphere of doom.

Halloween horror stories are perfect for radio drama, It’s the power of suggestion. Everybody carries their own private hell with them.

Our Cast includes James Dineen, Patricia Blem, Scott Jamieson, Carole Dane, Atticus Welles Mowry and Sam A. Mowry.  Live Foley by David Ian and Dino Deaelfweald. Original Music by Martin John Gallagher and Sound Design by Gallagher and Mowry. Magic Lantern Imagery by Joe Medina. Webmaster and Merchandizing by Jamie Lawson. Live Sound by D. Neil Blake. Live Sound at the Kiggins and Venetian by Joe Reed.

Halloween at McMenamins Kennedy School.

Monday October 31st 4 & 5:30pm  | Free admission | All ages welcome

Come celebrate the spookiest of holidays with us! Kids in costumes are invited for Trick-or-Treating! Bring those pumpkin buckets for gathering treats from 4:30 p.m. ‘til 6:30 p.m. in the hallways.

Live music by:

Freak Mountain Ramblers


Willamette Radio Workshop presents: Dracula in the Movie Theater! at 4pm and 5:30pm.

and Trick-or-Treating

Kennedy School | Monday, October 31, 2016

Live music 7 p.m. ’til 10 p.m.

DRACULA AT THE KIGGINS Presented by Re-Imagined Radio and John and Dene Barber

Thursday October 27th at 7pm, doors open at 6:30. $5 tickets.

DRACULA AT THE VENETIAN Presented by Martin John Gallagher

Sunday October 30th @ 7pm Tickets $10

Radio Christmas Carol @ the Kiggins 12/18/14 7pm

DSC_0021Washington State University will be presenting the Willamette Radio Workshop’s performance, A Radio Christmas Carol as part of the Re-imagined Radio series at the Kiggins Theater (1011 Main St, Vancouver, WA 98660). Doors open at 6pm.

This is a FREE event with a donation of a non-perishable food item for donation to the Clark County Food Bank.

The Willamette Radio Workshop presents a “live radio style” performance of Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol, adapted by Cynthia McGean from the source and the Campbell Playhouse versions.  The classic Christmas story of Scrooge and Tiny Tim finds it?s natural home in the radio medium, the theater of the mind. A ghost story told to remind mankind of the perils of greed and isolation at a time of the year when our community needs more help than ever. This years cast includes Curtis Hanson, Cynthia McGean, Renee Boutin King, Chris Porter, James Dineen, Alyson Ayn Osborn and Sam A. Mowry. Live music and carols provided by The Holly Jolly Radio Singers under the direction of Bennett Bailey.  Plus in the tradition of the Golden Age of Radio, live Foley by David Ian and Dino de AElfweald.  The show is an hour in length and suitable for all ages.DSC_1270

The award winning Willamette Radio Workshop wants to help preserve the history of Radio Theatre and to this end our work includes re-creations or re-imaginings of Classic Radio programs like The Campbell Playhouses? Christmas Carol with Orson Welles and Lionel Barrymore. We also just love to put on a great show.

Please also join us after the performance for the opening of “Move. Touch. Feel.” at Nouspace Gallery & Media Lounge (right next door at the Niche Wine Bar) We’ll be hosting a reception for the opening, with an opportunity for a Q&A with the actors and Foley artists.  Plus a few carols by the Holly Jolly Singers.



Live Radio Christmas Carol Food Bank Benefit.

WHAT: A Live Radio Christmas Carol in the Tradition of Orson Welles and Lionel Barrymoreʼs Campbell playhouse.

This years cast includes Greg Alexander, Cynthia McGean, Renee Boutin King, Alan King, Tim McKennie, James Dineen, Mary Thomas and Sam A. Mowry. Live music and carols provided by The Holly Jolly Radio Choir under the direction of Bennett Bailey and features over twenty singers! Plus live Foley by David Ian and Dino de AElfweald.

More information at www.radiochristmascarol.org

If you can’t join us, remember to make a donation to your local Food Bank. Check the website for broadcasting and Christmas streaming options.

WHERE: New Location! First Christian Church, 1314 SW Park Avenue Portland, Oregon 97201 The church number is (503) 228-9211.

WHEN: Wednesday December 14th, starting at 6:45 pm with light carols and sing a longs, Dickens at 7:15. The show is an hour in length and suitable for all ages.

WHY: The program is to benefit the Oregon Food Bank. We ask for the donation of non-perishable food items or cash donations to the OFB, envelopes will be provided.

HOW MUCH:! We ask for a donation of 2 non-perishable food items per person. Donation envelopes will be provided for cash or check donations.

First Christian Church is delighted to host this holiday drama. We are a community that values the arts and desires to reach out to our neighbors in Portland. Should you decide to come to worship some Sunday morning (at 9:00am or 11:00am) you’ll find a place where you won’t be judged, you won’t be told what to think or who to hate. Instead you’ll find people committed to a spirituality of conversation with each other and the Divine.

“The Oregon Food Bank distributes food to agencies that feed people who are hungry throughout Oregon and Clark County, Wash. We also work to address the root causes of hunger through public policy advocacy and education programs. Our mission: To eliminate hunger and its root causes … because no one should be hungry. “

10th Anniversary Halloween Spectacular! Oct 31st 4 & 6 pm.

Featuring the Works of Edgar Allan Poe

WRW celebrates our 10th Anniversary with “An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe!” The master works of the master of the macabre. Selections include “The Pit and the Pendulum,” “The Tell-Tale Heart”, “Hop-Frog,” “The Fall of the House of Usher,” “The Raven” and “Annabel Lee.” Classic radio adaptations, a new adaptation by William S. Gregory and the Vox Poetry stylings of Eric Hull. Live music performed by Galen Huckins and the Filmusik All Stars. Event Stylist Kate Dineen. Performed live by The Willamette Radio Workshop! Winners of 9 National Audio Drama Awards.
Performed at the McMenamins Kennedy School!  Live Radio shows at 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Free Trick or Treating from 4:30 ’til 6:30 p.m.; All ages welcome; kids with adults only please.

Bring your kids-in-costume for trick or treating so you enjoy a handcrafted ale, wine or spirit as you wander the halls together! Afterwards (before they get too far into their bags of loot), have dinner at the Courtyard Restaurant, which has a kids’ menu — nothing like a grilled cheese sandwich or a corn dog followed up with candycandycandyyeeahhhh!!!!!

After trick-or-treating, check out two free performances of “An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe” performed by Willamette Radio Workshop. The shows will begin at 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. CDs of past performances and the work of other local Audio Dramatists will be available for purchase at the show.


Alyson Osborn,James Dineen, Sarah Rea, Bruce Miles and Sam A. Mowry. Sam A. Mowry is the producer and director. Joe Medina is indispensable. Cynthia J. McGean is our Dramaturge. Rob Kowal is Associate Producer of the Workshop. David Ian & Dino de AElfweald- Foley Artists and Designers. Galen Huckins– Musical Director/Composer.

Special thanks to Jamie Lawson and Joe Medina/ Afterhell, Dry Smoke and Whispers, Martin J. Gallagher, Atticus Welles Mowry, Jerrel McQuen, Claudine Hemminway, Tapestry Theater and Judy Straasland, Filmusik, PDX Classical Revolution and all our families and friends who make this possible.

We are also proud to be a part of the Transcontinental Terror: An Express Train to Audio Horror. Our submission this year will be the Mercury Theater on the Air’s first program, DRACULA by Bram Stoker, adapted by Orson Welles and John Houseman.

This is the single largest event in the world of audio theater, and the only time each year a group of independent producers unite to create a whopping five hours of original programming. And you can hear it all hear on Halloween night—Monday, October 31st, 2011. In addition to WRW, contributing production companies include:

UFO Festival Show — Starring Doctor Who!

Doctor Who: Proteus Rising by Joseph Medina

Deep in outer space, far in the future, an alien artifact lures a mad scientist and a band of extremists to an asteroid.  And their battle for the artifact unleashes a monstrous evil.  Now the only hope for the human race — for the galaxy — is a mysterious alien wanderer.  He has had many faces, many names.  But he’s known best as… the Doctor.   And he could really use a cup of tea.


2pm Saturday, May 14, 2011


Matties Room (on the 2nd floor)

WRW is happy to once again join the UFO Festival for the 8th year. This year’s show brings Joseph Medina’s (whose rendition of The Thing at a previous UFO Fest was chilling) amazing continuation of the Doctor Who saga. With an original score by James Dineen, live Foley by David Ian and Dino de AElfweald (with assistance from Toni Lima and Amy Branson) as well as live sound from D. Neil Blake, Robert Kowal and the otherworldly audio assistance of Marc Rose.

Our special thanks go out to Claudine Knapp and Martin John Gallagher, our Resident Sound Designer and all round swell guy.

The show features the talents of: Mary Thomas, Alyson Ayn Osborn, Atticus Welles Mowry, Cobal Weaverli, Bruce Miles, Sam A. Mowry, Robert Kowal, D. Neil Blake, Marc Rose, David Ian, Dino de AElfweald, Toni Lima, Amy Branson and James Dineen as the Doctor.

2011 marks our 10th anniversary, starting with a late night War of the Worlds for Halloween. Thanks for listening!  We are and have been having a blast.

Who’s Coming to the UFO Festival? Yes!

Doctor Who at the UFO FestivalOne of the greatest heroes in all of science fiction is coming to the McMenamins UFO Festival next month!  Author of “The Thing,” a smash hit at the 2008 UFO Festival,  Afterhell‘s own Joe Medina returns to WRW with a script featuring a new incarnation of the mysterious traveling Time Lord known only as “the Doctor.”

The “Doctor Who” series has been a staple of British television since it began in 1963.  The newest season is beginning a run on BBC America this weekend.

More details to come soon, but in the meantime, need to get up to speed on the Doctor and his adventures?  Try some of these links:

Christmas Carol Special! Live Benefit Show!

WRW Christmas Carol posterFor many years, members of the Willamette Radio Workshop have given special performances of “A Christmas Carol” for audiences around the Portland metro area who might not otherwise have had any holiday entertainment.  Now we’re taking this tradition to the next level with a live performance, open to the public, to benefit the Oregon Food Bank.

On Monday, December 20, at 6pm, Willamette Radio Workshop presents a “live radio” performance of “A Christmas Carol,” adapted by Cynthia J. McGean from the Charles Dickens story and the Campbell Playhouse version.  The show will be held at McMenamins Kennedy School.  While admission is free, we ask for the donation of two cans of non-perishable food per person or an appropriate cash donation to the Oregon Food Bank.  Envelopes will be available for cash donations.

The cast for this performance includes Chris Porter, James Dineen, Greg Alexander, Todd Tolces, Cynthia McGean, Renee Boutin King, Mary Thomas and Sam A. Mowry. Live music and carols will be provided by The Holly Jolly Radio Choir, directed by Bennett Bailey and featuring over twenty singers!

Kennedy School Becomes the “Theater of Blood” for Halloween!


Freely and affectionately adapted from the 70’s Vincent Price Classic film by Cynthia J. McGean.

as performed live by The Willamette Radio Workshop!

Where you ask? At McMenamins Kennedy School, in the Gymnasium.

A special treat for the kids, avoid the rain and still get candy. Trick or Treating from 4:30 ’til 6:30 p.m.; Live Radio shows at 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Free!  All ages welcome; kids with adults only.

Bring your kids-in-costume for trick or treating so you enjoy a handcrafted ale, wine or spirit as you wander the halls together! Afterwards (before they get too far into their bags of loot), have dinner at the Courtyard Restaurant, which has a kids’ menu — nothing like a grilled cheese sandwich or a corn dog followed up with candycandycandyyeeahhhh!!!!!

After trick-or-treating, check out two free performances of “Theater of Blood” performed by Willamette Radio Workshop. The shows will begin at 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

The Willamette Radio Workshop is happy to present a live radio adaptation of the stylish 70s Vincent Price horror movie “Theatre of Blood”. A show to delight Shakespeare-lovers and horror-fans alike.  The quotes and bodies fly about like autumn leaves. What could be better for Halloween?

Spurned by the Theatre Critics Circle, aging Shakespearean actor Edward Lionheart takes bloody revenge in a series of murders inspired by Shakespeare’s greatest plays. The critics variously meet their theatrical ends by stabbing, strangling, having their heart cut out, and being forced to eat a pie with their pet dogs. Will Lionheart finish his greatest work before the police tie together the grisly clues?  Join us this Halloween for the surprising answer.

This murderous tale of full blooded Shakespeare and artistic retribution is freely and fondly adapted by Cynthia J. McGean and directed by Sam A. Mowry. Original music is composed by Marc Rose and Galen Huckins. Live Foley by David Ian and Dino de AElfweald. Live sound by Robert Kowal. The cast includes Chris Porter, Mark Homayoun, Bill Barry, James Dineen, Lindsae Kline, Megan Murphy Ruckman and Sam A. Mowry as Edward Lionheart.

As if that weren’t enough, we are also participating in a transcontinental Halloween festival on the air, so to speak. The Transcontinental Terror Train. Details below.

This Halloween, six audio theater companies from around the world are teaming up to present a full evening of original audio horror! “Transcontinental Terror: An Express Train to Audio Horror” will feature six hour-long productions by contemporary audio theater’s most exciting, inventive production companies — companies spanning half the globe. The programs will stream online at www.transcontinentalterror.com, beginning at 5:00pm EDT and running until 11:00pm EDT.

The six production companies involved in the project are: The Wireless Theatre Company from London, England; Electric Vicuna Productions from Halifax, Nova Scotia; FinalRune Productions from Portland, Maine; Chatterbox Audio Theater from Memphis, Tennessee; Icebox Radio Theater from International Falls, Minnesota; and The Willamette Radio Workshop from Portland, Oregon.  The numerous accolades earned by this group include Gold Ogle and Mark Time Awards, and features in numerous local and national papers including the Guardian and The Wall Street Journal.  This collaboration marks the first live web-based audio horror marathon, which debuts 6 hours of new material by these artists.

The event is timed to celebrate October, the National Audio Theater Month.  “Since Orson Welles’ legendary War of the Worlds broadcast Halloween has held a special place for audio drama,” says Sam A. Mowry, director of the Willamette Radio Workshop.  “It’s a time of year when people love to hear a good scary story, and no medium better
scares than audio.  You create the images in your mind and who better knows what you are terrified by?”

This year we are producing six original shows, the result of a months-long collaboration among the groups.  Some of the shows will be recorded, using state-of-the-art production methods, field recording, and actors from across the globe. Others, including the Willamette Radio Workshop, will be performed live in front of a live audience with manual sound effects, just as in the Golden Age of Radio Drama. Though terrifying, all of the evening’s content will be radio-friendly. Radio stations are encouraged to broadcast the online feed.

For more information on the show itself each participating group, scheduling, and more, visit www.transcontinentalterror.com.