WRW at the UFO Festival! Dry Smoke & Whispers/Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Who/What: Willamette Radio Workshop at McMenamins “6th Annual UFO Festival”
When: Saturday, May 14, 2005
Where: At the Mack Theatre across from McMenamins Hotel Oregon, McMinnville, Oregon
How Much: All events are free, open to all ages
Contact: Sam A. Mowry 503-730-7155. samowry@aol.com

The Willamette Radio Workshop is happy to announce its continuing participation in the McMenamins Hotel Oregon’s UFO Fest in McMinnville Oregon. This year we present another installment in the award winning Dry Smoke and Whispers series, “The Brand of the Gryphon Hawk” by Jerrel McQuen. We will also present a classic Old Time Radio Sci-Fi staple, “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.” The premiere radio episode, with special guest, Popsicle Pete! The show is free and follows the UFO Parade right down the center of town to the Mack Theater, across the street from the Hotel Oregon.

“The Brand of the Gryphon Hawk” is a comic adventure that follows the adventures of Emille Song, special detective, telepath, outcast and warrior for justice; who works the crime riddled planet of Quaymet where he matches wits with a collection of extra-terrestrial villains as they attempt to take over the world. Well, their world. Quaymet I mean. Anyway join Emille as he takes on Marcori Deedwik and his henchmen with the most insidious plan for world domination you’d ever imagine. It could be happening today! It’s that timely.

Dry Smoke and Whispers has been on the public airwaves for 25 years and has won numerous national awards. Currently airing on XM Satellite radio Sonic Theater channel 163, you can find out more about the dynamic duo that created the sensation at www.drysmoke.com.

The Willamette Radio Workshop is proud to collaborate once again with DSW and present this strange amalgam of 30’s Gangsters, Victorian England and vaguely Middle Eastern motifs that are the planet Quaymet. Buck Rogers is a classic presentation of OTR with live Foley and prehistoric product placement that WRW does so well that it too is award winning.

The cast and crew of this years light hearted epics are: Tim McKennie, Eric Newsome, Greg Alexander, Suzan Zeitlin, Cynthia McGean, David Ian and Sam A. Mowry.
Sound Design and Music is by Marc Rose.
Foley by David Ian
Live sound by Robert Kowal
Special Thanks to Martin John Gallagher, Liz Robbins and Claudine Hemmingway.
Produced by Sam A. Mowry and TransDimensional Media
Directed by Sam A. Mowry