Until next time we remain…

A poem from our friend Willaim S. Gregory to commemorate the end of another wonderful Halloween for WRW.

The Skeletons Dance Away

The skeletons dance away over the hill
The black cat’s asleep and the pumpkins are still
The ghosties and ghoulies and shuddering frights
have gone to the land of past October Nights

The phantoms who flit in the mist have decamped
The zombies have gone and the crows are all damp
The devils and angels that ran down the lane
have taken their candy in out of the rain

The fears and desires of the year which roamed free
for one blessed night are now back under key
We were who we are, now we’re not who we were
our secrets are back inside, barely astir

The masks and the costumes now flutter forgot
We are who we are, and we’re not who we’re not
November with dawn with a wintery sheen
and life will be certain– ‘till next Halloween.

Used by permission of William S. Gregory