WRW Holiday Broadcasts 2011!

It’s with great pleasure I announce that the Willamette Radio Workshop is ON THE AIR!

We are fortunate enough to have two broadcasts of our Radio Christmas Carol, recorded live on December 14th 2011 at the First Christian Church in beautiful downtown Portland as a benefit for the Oregon Food Bank and now to be broadcast on KBOO 90.7 at 7pm Christmas Eve and KZME 107.1 at 6pm Christmas Day. Both stations have a live stream as well, visit their websites for info on that. Christmas eve will be a broadcast filling the 7:00pm – 10:00pm slot usually filled by An Evening of Afrotainment. Hosted by our frequent collaborator Randall Howington (Rascho) and featuring the full length Radio Carol, our classic Hiro & Lilling and new presentations of The Selfish Giant and The War Prayer as well as a cornucopia of seasonal music from Vince Guaraldi  to… well everywhere and all stops in between. A delightful way to while away the hours while your video log crackles on the TV. Saturday will have an abridged, but still wonderful hour long version of our Radio Carol  (58:30 to be exact and sometimes you have to be). The unabridged version is 60:08, for those keeping score at home. We will be posting the whole shebang on our website for those who were expecting it to be there. If you have the means, please use this as a reminder to reach out to your local food banks and help everyone have a happy holiday.


We are never happier than when our work has the opportunity to fly through the air via the magic that is radio. We hope your holidays have much wonder and magic and good health to everyone. See you next year!