The Case Files of Dr. Moreau comes to Vancouver! 4/22/15.


Poster by Kate Palermini.

The Workshop presents a live radio adaptation of “The Case Files of Dr. Moreau” by William S. Gregory will be performed at 7 p.m. April 22 at the Kiggins Theatre. The event is free and open to the public. The performance is a collaboration between the Willamette Radio Workshop, Washington State University Vancouver’s Creative Media and Digital Culture program and the Kiggins Theatre,.

“The Case Files of Dr. Moreau” is Mr. Gregory’s adaptation of H.G. Wells’s “The Island of Dr. Moreau.” The novel focuses on a scientist’s attempts to convert animals into humans using vivisection, and its themes include pain and cruelty, moral responsibility, human identity and human interference with nature. Mr. Gregory’s radio adaptation examines these themes from the perspective of the “manimals”—the creatures of Moreau’s experiments as they suffer under the experiments of Moreau.

The show will be performed by the Willamette Radio Workshop, directed by Sam A. Mowry. John Barber, faculty member in WSU Vancouver’s Creative Media and Digital Culture program, teaches a course on Digital Storytelling and produces the performance as part of his Re-imagined Radio project.

Each of Barber’s Re-Imagined Radio productions begins with a live recreation of a historic radio drama complete with voice actors and Foley sound artists. Various digital and multimedia components are added to increase opportunities for audience engagement and to introduce student digital storytelling work from Barber’s classes. The result, says Barber, is a new way to think of sound as the primary element of good storytelling. Cindy McGean, WRW’s dramaturge taught a Writing for Audio class and Barber and McGean’s students have collaborated on multimedia explorations of the story as part of “Dr. Moreau’s Wunderkammer” an exhibition in the lobby of the Kiggins.

Doors for this performance open at 6 p.m. Concessions, beer and wine will be available for purchase. The Kiggins Theatre is located at 1011 Main Street, Vancouver, Wash.

The cast and Crew of the show are:

Actors, Amy Gray, Tim Mckinnie, Phil Rudolph, Scott Jamieson, Cindy McGean. Foley Artists David Ian and Dino de AElfweald. Sound Design/Ableton cues by Marc Rose. Drums curtesy of Martin John Gallagher. Projections by Joe Medina. Merchandising curtesy of Jamie Lawson. Live sound and recording by D. Neil Blake.

Our crew from WSUV focusing on Foley and Wallah,  Jaymes Coyden (Oryx), Eli Campbell Wallah Captain and John Barber.

Sam A. Mowry produced, directed and plays Moreau/Wolf.

Special thanks to William S. Gregory, Dene Grigar, Kate Palermini, Alyssa Korinke and all the students in the WSUV/CMDC program for their inventive work and continuing enthusiasm. Ollin Productions and Dry Smoke and Whispers.