2018 UFO Festival Shows Announced!

Announcing Willamette Radio Workshop’s programs for McMenamin’s UFO Festival 2018.

HURF, by Craig Kenworthy.  HURF is the story of two slackers who accidentally summon a death-dealing demon from another dimension while playing Scrabble.  In a time of war with death a daily topic of the news, the question of why people kill and why people choose not to kill is of paramount importance. HURF uses humor and Science Fiction to examine the question: is it ever okay to take a life?  Our production won the Ogle Award for Science Fiction Audio Drama in 2007.

Our next show comes from Dimension X, June 17, 1951. “Pebble in the Sky” takes its theme from the eponymous Isaac Asimov novel (brilliantly adapted by our favorite OTR writer, Ernest Kinoy) that thrusts a 20th-century everyman into a complex future of a galactic empire, a radioactive Earth, and mandatory euthanasia at age sixty, the Earth, which is the only inhabited radioactive planet in the Empire, has plans for conquest!  The civilization of the galaxy spread across two hundred million worlds and space swarmed with the ships of the empire. But far off the trade routes, almost forgotten, lay the dying planet Earth. This is a story of the future, a story of an insignificant pebble in the sky called Earth, and of a man from a distant star who grew to love this unimportant planet.

Both these stories speak to issues of today in ways you’ve perhaps never imagined. The perfect blending of Science fiction and reality, or possible realities. It’s why we love doing the UFO Festival.

The show is produced and directed by Sam A. Mowry


The shows will be in the Hotel Oregon in Mattie’s Room at 3pm on Saturday May 19th. Admission is free, food and drink are available and Audio Theater swag from across the region will be on sale.