Happy National Audio Drama Day! The Fave 5!

This year to celebrate National Audio Drama Day, October 30th, the broadcast date for Orson Welles Panic Broadcast “War of the Worlds” we decided to pull our favorite short clip from our extensive library. We put out the word and hopefully we’ll have some kick butt examples of our mediums finest work. I am posting 2 I know that sounds like cheating, but hey, this is just for fun.) One clip from our Fall of the City by Archibald MacLeish and Our Livewire Performance of The Island of Dr. Moreau by Cynthia McGean.

Here is the Fall of the City Link:



And here is the Dr. Moreau:


And here is our very own  Professor Zeitgeist original Halloween contribution. I’ll try to link to everything that shows up on the web and Facebook as the day progresses.



From Fred Greenhalgh, very spooky music.  Listen to So Many Regrets (The night is darkest before the Dawn) // The Dark Tome by Peter Van Riet on #SoundCloud