Cindy McGean Wins NATF Award!

The Willamette Radio Workshop is proud to announce that Cynthia McGean, the director of our Writers On the air Workshop, was awarded first place in the National Audio Theatre Festival 2004 Script contest for her piece Pandora’s Box. Set in a battered women’s shelter, Pandora’s Box explores a veteran shelter worker’s crisis of hope. First place includes the publication of the Script in NATF Script Book 2004, a scholarship to the NATF Audio Theatre Workshop in West Plains, Missouri and a cash award.

Ms. McGean’s adaptations and original scripts have frequently been featured in WRW’s season. A selection from Ms. McGean’s adaptation of The Island of Dr. Moreau will be highlighted during the April 22nd recording of OPB’s LiveWire radio show. The program is in conjunction with Wordstock and will be taped for broadcast on OPB TV.

Ms. McGean is a published writer whose work has been performed throughout the country. She has also worked onstage and backstage at a number of local theaters, is a longtime advocate for children’s rights and teaches third grade at Lot Whitcomb Elementary School in Milwaukie.

Details of the 2004 National Audio Theatre Festival Script Contest

First Place: Pandora’s Box, by Cynthia J. McGean

Second Place: Partakers, by D.C. Smith

Third Place: Sorry, You’ve Got My Wrong Number, by Rich Orloff

The following plays receive an Honorable Mention:

Lost in a Radio Studio, by Joy Jackson and Paul Feavel

Golden Dreams, Golden Nightmares, by Tony Palermo

Trial by Fire, by Joel Pierson

Seeing Mirrors, by Al Sjoerdsma

Winning scripts will be published in the annual NATF scriptbook, and may be considered for future production by NATF. The judges for this year’s contest were Jeffrey Adams, Icebox Radio Theater; Janine Preston, WKNH Radio Theatre, and Randy Story, NATF.